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Modern Higher Education:
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Terms of Participation and publication in the MHE`2015 Conference Proceedings

An extended (up to 3 pages) digests should be submitted for publication in Conference Proceedings.

One organizational fee is paid for the publication of the one digest, one form of participation in the conference and one set of the conference attributes with the conference proceedings.
If the co-authors wish to receive a set of conference attributes and conference proceedings, they also have to pay the Participation fee.

The number of digests from one author should be no more than two, including digests written as a co-author. Presentations, in the form of scientific papers, after the recommendation of the program conference committee and written in accordance with the requirements, will be published in journals, which are included in international scientific databases.

Digest template

Call for references

Deadlines for MHE’ 2015:

since 15.06.2015 - start registration via official Conference website:;

before 25.09.2015 - submission of extended digest;

before 28.09.2015 - notification of digest approval via official Conference website;

before 05.10.2015 - payment of the conference fee to cover the organizational costs. Additional digests of the same authors will cause additional fee of 100 UAH for each digest;

before 16.10.2015 - final submission of a full paper.

Conference fees
Type of participation Included activities Participation fee
DIRECT PARTICIPATION Publication in the Conference Proceedings
One issue of the Conference Proceedings
The conference program
The certificate of the participant
Information and technical support by the conference
400 UAH
DISTANCE PARTICIPATION Publication in the Conference Proceedings
One issue of the Conference Proceedings
The conference program
Internet presentation of the digest
Participation in the online conference sessions
280 UAH
CORRESPONDENCE PARTICIPATION Publication in the Conference Proceedings
Participation in the online conference sessions
150 UAH
PUBLICATION ONLY Publication in the Conference Proceedings
100 UAH
ADDITIONAL DIGEST If a participant of the conference is a co-author of the second digest, it can be paid only the cost of its publication
100 UAH
ORDER OF THE CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS One issue of the conference proceedings
150 UAH

Details for the registration fee payment (UAH):
Participation fee should be paid to the account in the commercial bank "Privatbank",
Account number: 4149 6258 1013 6695.
Cardholder (Recipient): Reznik D.V.

In the "Payment purpose" field you must indicate the full name of the person who is paying the money.

A scanned invoice (you must specify the amount and the name of the sender of funds) should be sent by e-mail to the organizing committee (regardless of the way of funds transfer).

If the transfer is carried out via the "Privatbank" terminal, the invoice does not contain the name of the sender, that is why in this case, please, send the scanned invoice to the organizing committee on behalf of the participant.


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